Blender Texture Atlas Workflow

I just learned a basic texture atlas workflow for Blender.

  1. Import a texture atlas. I made a simple one with 6 colors in Photoshop.
  2. UV Unwrap the model (I used smart unwrap for no other reason than that it sounded cool.
  3. Select all face and add the texture atlas in the UV editor. I’m not sure what any of these controls are called, I just used them for the first time today.
  4. Select each model or group of faces. For example I wanted to make the lamp shade yellow, so I selected all faces on the lamp shade. Then, in the UV window select all of the faces (I used box select) and scale them down to a size where they will fit in one of the color boxes. Then move them to the desired color box. Repeat for each model or group of faces.

I plan on using this workflow as I create some low poly assets for various projects I’m working on.

Special thanks to Cherylynn Lima for teaching this in a video. Watch it here: