New Podcast: Project Update

In spring of 2018 Dave and I put VR Hermits on hiatus. Dave had some interesting work he wanted to focus on and I needed to spend some time on a few consulting projects. We had planned to resume in the fall but I think somewhere along the line Dave realized that Virtual Reality development was not what he wanted to do. It took me a lot longer to come to the same conclusion. Despite this, I kept pestering Dave to start recording again. I really missed the weekly calls where I could bounce my ideas off of him and hear about what he was working on.

A couple of months ago we finally decided to get pack to podcasting. We initially had no idea what the show would be about and even considered a return to Massively Unqualified Development. Regardless, we started recording some beta episodes in May of 2019 and we eventually settled on a new format. Those beta episodes may never be published, but the result is out new podcast called Project Update.

Joe and Dave discuss the progress of their respective projects, delving into the challenges, successes, and failures of being commercial software developers, periodic game developers, and general technology enthusiasts. Project Update is about our projects and lives, but we’ll also be bringing in other creators to talk about their projects and lives. In some ways we’re all dealing with the same issues, and in others we’re dealing with a problem space uniquely our own.

About the show, Project Update

In this new podcast we talk each week about our software development projects–among other things. Dave is building developer tools for the FileMaker community and I’m creating an iOS app in addition to my FileMaker and Web consulting work. As of the time of this post we have recorded four episodes, including an episode with our first guest.