Babylon JS Day 6

Today was a bit of a waste of time. When deciding what to learn this week I gave myself two main options.

  1. Pick a handful of topics from the Diving Deeper documentation. Work through these topics with the goal of expanding what I learned last week.
  2. Work through the Create a Game guided learning documentation. This claims to be a step-by-step guild to show some of the common development pattens for making a game in Babylon JS.

I’m not interested in making games, but option two presented a good chance to see how to work with Babylon JS on a larger project, so that is what I spent my time on today.

I didn’t make it far. It turns out that this tutorial is based on TypeScript and involves a ton of project setup and dependencies. I followed along with the documentation as well as I could, but the result was a broken project. As far as I can tell, all modules and dependencies are installed but I can’t build and run the project. I even tried cloning the entire sample project from the provided repo, and that one would not work either.

I’m not going to spend any more time on it. I should have bailed out as soon as I saw the word TypeScript… I know there are a ton of developers who swear by NPM, node modules, webpack, etc. to build their projects, but I just want keep things simple for now. Tomorrow I’m going to start looking at the Diving Deeper documentation that I mentioned above, and I’m going to return to a simple project without all the build tools, config files, and dependencies.