Working in the Oculus Quest 2

As we all know, when using a new input system on a computer, we are required by law to write a blog post about it. I don’t make the rules…

A digital version of a hardware keyboard.

This is my first blog post written and published in VR. I’m using the Logitech K830 keyboard and trackpad paired with an Oculus Quest 2. Oculus recently rolled out some updates that make it possible to use this keyboard while seeing a digital version of it in VR. This update also makes it possible to see your hands while you type.

While I can touch type most prose fairly well, find myself looking at the keyboard often when using special characters such as {} [] (). This new system of input will may it easier for me to write code while it VR. Is it going to replace my main development machine? No, not any time soon. However, it will let me work on some of my WebXR side projects while staying in VR. Being able to write code and view the results in real time without switching from a computer to the headset is pretty exciting.