Lazy sorting

Yesterday I mentioned an issue I can across when sorting date records. Some of my date records could validly have a nil value in the date field (these are the “end” records for ongoing events). The problem was that Core Data was sorting these nil records to the wrong part … Read More

Schema changes and date sorting

I wrote about a sorting issue in Retrospective Timeline a while back. You can read the full post here. At the time I decided to go with Solution A, which involved wrapping my core data objects in a container using map and filter calls. That approach worked at first, but … Read More

Event row types (WIP)

This morning I made some change to the way that I get events data from Core Data. I outlined my thinking behind this yesterday. Today I put it into practice in the app. There are two types of events in Retrospective Timeline An event with a single date (I refer … Read More

Follow up to event sorting

This is a short follow up article regarding the problems I described in this post. I spent some time mocking this up in a Swift Playground on my iPad. First I added a new container object called EventContainer. This is an object that I can map my events to, while … Read More

Thoughts on sorting events

Objective:  I need a way to sort events in a list view that makes them easy to find.  Constrains:  All events have a start date Some events have an end date Some people may look for an event based on its start date, other may want to look for the … Read More

The app I’ve been working on

The app I’ve been working on over the last few months is called Retrospective Timelines. I’m still trying to learn how to talk (and write) about the app in a way that makes sense and appeals to customers, but for now I’ll just write a bit about what it is … Read More

One week with SwiftUI

I just wrapped up a week of working with SwiftUI full time. It certainly has some rough edges and each new beta version brings a lot of changes. Here is a recap of what’s working for me and what I still need to figure out. List views are really simple … Read More

Thinking about SwiftUI

Last week I decided to spend the weekend learning about SwiftUI. The weekend turned into an entire week but I was eventually able to learn everything I set out to learn. This course on Udemy was particularly helpful. I’m going to take a long weekend to give myself time to reflect … Read More

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