UI as of Oct 14

I’ve spend the last few weeks working on schema and core data. I’m ready to start working on some more advanced user interfaces. Before I begin I wanted to share some images of what the app looks like as of Oct. 14, 2019. Timelines will likely change very little, but … Read More

Lazy sorting

Yesterday I mentioned an issue I can across when sorting date records. Some of my date records could validly have a nil value in the date field (these are the “end” records for ongoing events). The problem was that Core Data was sorting these nil records to the wrong part … Read More

Schema changes and date sorting

I wrote about a sorting issue in Retrospective Timeline a while back. You can read the full post here. At the time I decided to go with Solution A, which involved wrapping my core data objects in a container using map and filter calls. That approach worked at first, but … Read More

Event row types (WIP)

This morning I made some change to the way that I get events data from Core Data. I outlined my thinking behind this yesterday. Today I put it into practice in the app. There are two types of events in Retrospective Timeline An event with a single date (I refer … Read More

Follow up to event sorting

This is a short follow up article regarding the problems I described in this post. I spent some time mocking this up in a Swift Playground on my iPad. First I added a new container object called EventContainer. This is an object that I can map my events to, while … Read More

Thoughts on sorting events

Objective:  I need a way to sort events in a list view that makes them easy to find.  Constrains:  All events have a start date Some events have an end date Some people may look for an event based on its start date, other may want to look for the … Read More

One week with SwiftUI

I just wrapped up a week of working with SwiftUI full time. It certainly has some rough edges and each new beta version brings a lot of changes. Here is a recap of what’s working for me and what I still need to figure out. List views are really simple … Read More

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