Retrospective Timelines Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy This policy applies to all information collected or submitted on the Retrospective Timelines application and website. iCloud If you are signed in to iCloud on a device running Retrospective Timelines the app will store your data in Appleā€™s iCloud service, to enable data synchronization between all devices signed … Read More

SwiftUI Modal Badness

I’ve had a longstanding issue in Retrospective Timelines. I have a simple EditButton on the list of timelines in my app. This button toggles the list into edit mode where the user can perform several actions. Reorder timelinesDelete a timelineTap a button to open the timeline in a modal view … Read More

User Interface Update

I’m making progress on the user interface for the app. Most of my time has been spent on making the Event List views look the way I want. I’ve also updated the Event Edit view with a new timeline picker and a long form text view for editing notes. Timeline … Read More

SwiftUI – A note about onAppear()

This morning I made a custom version of a picker for the events form. I needed a way for events to select a different timeline. The default picker in SwiftUI had some limitations so I set out to make my own. The only main difference is that it uses a … Read More

Setting up CloudKit with Core Data

This is something I keep forgetting how to do so I’m posting this as a reference for future me and anyone else that finds it helpful. These instructions assume you have created a new Xcode project with these options. Language: SwiftUser Interface: SwiftUICheck the box for “Use Core Data”Check the … Read More

Event Date List Row

I’ve been spending a lot of time today thinking about the row for the list of event dates. This has been something I’ve been sort of stuck on for the last couple of weeks. This list is a bit tricky because the data on it is not strictly events. The … Read More

App Icon Drafts

I spent a little time this evening playing with app icon ideas. This is the one I like the most so far. Update: 2019.10.30 I made my first round of revisions of these. I added some gradients and I replaced the white color with a light grey and I think … Read More

iPad Width issues

There are some issues with the NavigationView in SwiftUI that prevent the Master Detail version from showing the back button in portrait mode. To get around this I’m using StackNavigationViewStyle. This is OK on most iPads, but on the larger iPad Pro models in landscape it looks ridiculous. This is … Read More

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