Now I like Blender

How a friend helped me get past the weirdness of Blender TL; DR Friends make learning Blender a lot more fun. I’ve been working in VR for over a year now and one of the skills I’m still trying to build is 3D Modeling. When I first started learning 3D … Read More

Blender Texture Atlas Workflow

I just learned a basic texture atlas workflow for Blender. Import a texture atlas. I made a simple one with 6 colors in Photoshop. UV Unwrap the model (I used smart unwrap for no other reason than that it sounded cool. Select all face and add the texture atlas in … Read More

Unity Coroutines – A note to self

As I’ve been working on the Radical Bowling project I’ve found myself using coroutines quite a bit. It seems like every time I have to look up the syntax, so I thought I would write a few quick examples to reference. Example: Defer by time In this example I can … Read More

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