Retrospective Timelines

Retrospective Timelines is an app for introspective people who want to look back at the most important milestones and events in life.

Create Timelines for important areas of life or work. Add Events to each Timeline to track the accomplishments and milestones that matter most to you. Revisit Events on their anniversary with the On This Day list. Quickly access your Favorite Events from all Timelines in one list. Keep track of Ongoing Events. Share your Events as plain text or as customizable images.

About the developer

Hi! I’m Joe Simpson

I’ve been building business applications using the FileMaker platform for the last eight years. In June of 2019 Apple announced SwiftUI and it really got my attention. After learning the basics of SwiftUI I decided to use it to develop Retrospective Timelines to help keep track of some important milestones in my life.


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