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Summer Planning for Retrospective Timelines

I am beginning the planning process for Retrospective Timelines 2.0. Below I listed some of the areas that I want to focus on this summer. My hope is that the latest round of updates to SwiftUI, iOS 14, and iPadOS 14 will enable me to make significant improvements to the app. I have only just started to learn about the … Read More

Retrospective Timelines 1.0.4

A new version of Retrospective Timelines is rolling out now. This version adds a handful of new features New Settings to control formatting for dates and durations. Select these settings to apply them across the app. Redesigned share view with new formatting options for dates and durations. Events can now … Read More

Data Entry with SwiftUI and UIKit

Version 1.0 of Retrospective Timelines was written completely in SwiftUI and while I’m excited to keep working in SwiftUI, there were some issues and limitations that it imposed on my app. You can’t really talk about SwiftUI without someone pointing out that it’s not “ready” to be used in production … Read More