Retrospective Timelines is now available on the iOS App Store

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Retrospective Timelines 1.0.1

The first app update for Retrospective Timelines is hitting the App Store today. Features New color options when sharing an Event as an image. Select from 10 colorsColorful background with whiteLight background with colorful textDark background with colorful text Small changes Added a “dismiss keyboard” button that show up when … Read More

Without a splash

Just over a week ago I launched Retrospective Timelines in the App Store. In fact, “launched” may be too strong of a word. I released the app on Sunday Dec 1, 2019 with little fanfare and even less of an idea of what I was doing. Over the months leading … Read More

SwiftUI Modal Badness

I’ve had a longstanding issue in Retrospective Timelines. I have a simple EditButton on the list of timelines in my app. This button toggles the list into edit mode where the user can perform several actions. Reorder timelines Delete a timeline Tap a button to open the timeline in a … Read More