Event row types (WIP)

This morning I made some change to the way that I get events data from Core Data. I outlined my thinking behind this yesterday. Today I put it into practice in the app.

There are two types of events in Retrospective Timeline

  1. An event with a single date (I refer to these as milestones)
  2. An event with a start date and an end date (I call these ranges)

I wanted a way to explode the second type of event into multiple list rows. I added some code at the View Model layer that does the heavy lifting here. The result is three event row types.

  1. Single date row: events with… a singe date!
  2. Start date row: A row that represents the starting date for a date range
  3. End date row: A row that represents the ending date for a date range

For the time being I just updated my list view to show some symbols and label strings depending on the event row type. I’m not happy with the half circle symbols. I wonder how else I could represent this data…

Something I’d like to add is a toggle to show and hide the end date rows. When those rows are hidden the list would just turn into a list of events sorted based on start date.